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What areas do we serve?

I currently serve NY, NJ and CT.  If you live outside of these areas, please contact us and we will see if we can help.

Are your tours MLS Compliant?

Yes. Tours are MLS compliant. You can control every element on the tour. Each tour comes with multiple links. Branded, MLS compliant(IDX) and a full screen no branding link.

Do you offer a YouTube video version?

Yes. It is included with each tour.

Do you support other Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter?

Yes, your tour features “Share” links to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. 

Does this work on a Mac platform or just PC?

Our tours are completely web based. It works on any platform. Viewers can use any browser or mobile phone.

Is there a weekly tour report that I can send to clients?

Yes. There is a graphical statistics e-mail that goes out weekly to you that you can then forward onto your clients.

Will my virtual tour have agent branding?

Yes. Your tour will be branded with your contact information, photo, logo, e-mail and web address.

How will I know when my tour is complete?

An E-mail notification is sent when tour is ready.

Will I be able to embed the tour on my personal website?

Yes. You will be sent the embed code.

Do the search engines find your tours? Are your tours SEO (search engine optimized)?

Yes. We expose the address and other key elements so that Google and other search engines find and index the tour quickly.

May I use the photographs taken by Westchester Virtual Homes?

Yes, however, all floor plans, photographs and images remain the property of Westchester Virtual Homes and cannot be sold or shared with anyone else without permission.

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